This site was put tougher to show you step by step on how to remodel your kitchen. There are many steps and this will show you a brief overview of how hard of a project it will be.

You start with making a design with blueprints. You will have to get the design approved by your local city inspectors to get proper permits to do the project. Most places that sell cabinets will offer you free cabinet layouts.


Once you have you permit, and design your ready to start the project.  Most kitchen remodels I do we tear down as may walls as possible to give the open feel.  Breakfast bars also give a good built in eating area. For demo you will want to rent a dumpster on average this will cost around $300, but well worth it.


As you see in the picture we took down 2 walls to connect the kitchen to the dining room and living room.  This will give a extremely open feel, and connect the kitchen as a common room.  Lots of old kitchens have soffits above the upper cabinets. The new design of cabinets use a taller upper cabinets so the soffits get taken down. Try to keep the job site as clean as possible, this will effect the finished product. Now is the time to run all your new electrical and plumbing. Dont forget to run electrical for dishwasher, a momentary switch for the garbage disposal, electrical for cabinet lights , microwave, and refrigerator, Also a couple outlets for things like coffee makers and crock pots. Once this is all done and inspected your ready to drywall.


Remember when installing drywall the seams behind the cabinets dosn’t have to be perfect because you will be covering it all up.  This is also a good time to install your new floor. Once all it its tame to start installing cabinets. Most cabinets come as backs and fronts just install the fronts per your original design. Remember a little trim above the upper cabinet will make all the difference in the world.


When all the cabinet backs are installed make sure they are firmly attached and square and level. This is a good time to run the electrical for the cabinet lights. Then install the doors.  Your kitchen is finally starting to look like something!


As you can see the cabinets are in and ready for counter tops, We decided on granite. Make sure all the base cabinets are level and any open areas have support for the granite.  The granite people will take all the measurements and install it.



Your on the final stretch of your remodel. Only thing left is the finish plumbing and the backslash. We opted for a tile backslash but you can do any think you want.


BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

That’s it your kitchen is done enjoy it! I hope this gave a good overview on how to do a kitchen remodel.

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